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Aluminium Windows

Econo Window has been making windows since 1980. We serve the residential, commercial and industrial markets by supplying and installing high quality standard and custom made aluminium windows that comply with AAAMSA and SABS regulations. We are full members of SAGGA, the South African Glass and Glazing Association.

Our windows are assembled using aluminium profiles, glass, stainless steel friction hinges and screws, aluminium pop rivets, wool pile and gaskets. This makes the product totally corrosion proof.

Available in a number of different designs and finishes, our windows are also environmentally friendly due to its good insulation properties. This is achieved due its superior air leakage prevention properties.

Added to the above is the availability of a range of glazing materials that further enhances its performance in this area.

Glass that reduces UV transmission by reflecting and/or absorbing the heat of the sun in summer and preventing heat loss in winter means reduced heating and cooling bills in winter and summer respectively.

Our windows can also be fitted with double glazing which vastly improves its thermal reduction properties. An added feature of double glazing is its ability to reduce noise pollution.

Since aluminium windows and doors are designed based on certain criteria, it is important for us to know the location, the height above ground level and whether it is being used internally or externally. This allows us to determine the wind load the product will be subjected to and to determine the correct profiles to be used.


Econo Window Butt Joint WindowsButt Jointed













Econo Window Small Pane WindowsSmall Pane








Econo Window Bay WindowsBay Windows







Econo Window Arched WindowsArched








Econo Window Sliding WindowsSliding







Econo Window Side Hung WindowsSide Hung








Econo Window Top Hung WindowsTop Hung